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Accept VISA and MasterCard securely, quickly and easily via Fondy Payment provider.



Fondy is a payment platform whose main function is to provide internet acquiring. This means processing online payments via websites, mobile applications and other devices connected to the internet. Fondy also offers cloud-based white-label solutions for banks, IPSPs, and processing centers providing internet acquiring and financial settlement services.

This payment module allows the admin to set up the Fondy payment method in their store. The customer can select the Fondy Payment Gateway as the payment method and enter their payment details for payment purposes. We support Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro bank cards from any country as well as several other payment methods such as Qiwi, Yandex, Privat24, cash payments, PayPal, SEPA, Swift, online banking with Ukrainian, Russian and European banks, partial payments, credit payments and Direct Debit.

Account & Pricing

A separate account is required, and additional fees apply. To connect to Fondy you first need to register for an account at the Fondy site. Then, one of our managers will contact you to go through all the details and answer any questions you may have about contract signing and the documentation you’ll need to provide. For more information, please visit our FAQ Section.



PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

We own PCI DSS Level 1 security certificate. Level 1 binds companies, which process more than 6 million transactions per year, to adhere strictly to security requirements. Possession of such certificate implies annual audit (accomplished by QSA company and quarterly ASV scanning of Fondy platform. Payments via bank cards are secured with 3D-Secure by VISA and SecureCode by MasterCard, as well as our own security system FondyAntifraud that protects both buyers and your business from unauthorized transactions. FondyAntifraud has over 300 rules and allows customizing the security policy without reducing conversions of successful payments. Visit for more info. The module uses redirect method of inserting in page frame to accept payment securely.



1. Loyal Tariffs

In case of direct contacts with acquiring a bank, your business turnover might seem inappropriate for the bank’s commercial department, which leads to a less lucrative tariff at the first stage. Fondy platform works with all-scale businesses and is willing to make a compromise decision during discussing financial conditions. For example, there can be a tariff as either a percentage of turnover or fixed monthly payment.

2. Quickstart

One needs to take a simplified document submission at the beginning. With the help of as simple an s ctrl+c/ctrl+v integration, you can start to accept payments in less than 3 hrs.

3. Reliability and high conversion of successful payments (up to 98%)

Once you have done integration with Fondy, your business will be provided with card processing through more than 25 acquiring banks and processing centers in more than 30 countries simultaneously. It will give additional advantages, such as:

  • Channel redundancy. If payment processing is suspended due to the technical issues, Fondy will route payments on a reserve bank automatically.
  • Improvement of successful payment's conversion. If a main acquiring bank decline payment, Fondy platform will try to make payment through another bank with an expectation of positive result.
  • Financial risk reduction. Fondy reduces risks by diversifying working connections with multiple banks, including the biggest ones.
  • International acquiring. If your business operates in several countries or you are planning to expand it to new countries markets, Fondy will help you in this by providing unified payment platform, consultancy and assistance in an opening, company’s support and selecting of fiscal/tax residence. We have already launched FondyGlobe project to help national business to widen its opportunity in the international market.

4. Prompt payouts

Our automated payment system allows performing payouts on a client’s account without delay, even the next day.

5. The high quality of service

Our support team will consult you promptly and qualitatively through our Skype chat, by mail or phone on any question, related to interaction with Fondy.

Fondy’s tech department also provides a high level of service, maintaining system access under guaranteed 99.95% level, which means

  • the overall spending (both planned and unplanned) is no more than:

in a day: 43 secs
in 1 week: 5 min
in 1 month: 21 min
in 1 year: 4 h 22 min

  • The number of payments declined due to technical issues is no more than five on every 10 000 payments.
  • The additional delays, posed by our system during payment transfer from client to processing center or acquiring a bank, for 99% payments will be no more than 0,5 secs and no more than 3 sec for 99,95%.

6. Simple but multi-functional technical integration with API

7. Reliable and predictable antifraud-system

Fondy team has created one’s own anti-fraud system with such advantages:

  • reliability: the system decline fraud payments successfully with no successful payments conversion come-down
  • flexibility: anti-fraud rules are based on several hundreds of criteria and enable flexible setup of requirements for every specific character of business specificity
  • speed: anti-fraud system does not set perceptible delays on payment process. Such delay is less than 300 msec in 95% of cases.

8. Convenience/Usability 

9. Financial and technological flexibility and innovativeness

For Admins

– A lot of features are included in the extension that you can tweak to make it the best suit your business, including:

  • Customize your checkout page in your cabinet.
  •  Email customer.
  •  Allowed credit card types.
  •  Allowed country.
  •  Easily manage orders and subscriptions.

For Customers

– The primary aim of the extension is to deliver the most fluent and effortless payment experience to the customers:

  • Easily check out using the credit card.



You can try a demo at

Release Notes


  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Updating to magento v 2.2.5 and php 7.2


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Fondy payment module for magento 2.X first release

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