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Magento 2 SMTP helps improve your email reputation which is vital for every email marketing campaign. Say GOODBYE to SPAMBOX now! With friendly configurable port and host, brief modules along with user guide line stick below the fields, this extension is surely be useful for every online store.

  • Customizable SMTP server
  • Supports 20+ SMTP service providers
  • Test email
  • Email logs
  • Developer mode
  • 100% FREE, Open-source code

In Magento 2, default email server of inherent hosting will be used to send unregistered emails, which means the reputation for this email is pretty low and they will be rated as untrustworthy content, as a matter of fact your precious emails will be delivered to spamming box without knocking up any notification to receiver. Imagine how enormous detriment your business is having when you couldn’t properly send such Order Confirmation, Invoice, Shipment Information,… to their inbox, but classified as spam trash and this is not a professional management.

Email marketing has become a critical campaign with every store owner. From this first simple step by sending email, you are showing customer how sweet honest caring, strong support, kind offering that might attract their attention. In order to maintain hundred of relationship with customer, you have no other choice but deliver templated email and this might cause the biggest frustration of having your business emails getting classified as spam, and they will be automatically moved to spam, being trash forever.

Why need Magento 2 SMTP extension?

To avoid this bombardment, put this in a simple way, Mageplaza SMTP will help you take more control on customization and running test section on Magento 2 SMTP server, increasing almost 99% chance that your emails will approach customer successfully.

Customizable SMTP server in Magento store

Mageplaza SMTP will provide you a friendly configurable port and host, brief modules along with user guide line stick below the fields, that you can figure out its function easily. This extension sure would welcome both beginner and professor to start rocking your business.

magento 2 smtpt

And no worries, with the security issue, Magento 2 SMTP authentication and coherence will be assured safely.

Support almost email service providers

Using your own SMTP server is great, but to save more time in configuration for your email business, you can conveniently customize from one of the most popular email service vendors such as:

Adding the following SMTP providers soon:

  • SocketLabs
  • AuthMailer
  • MailGet Bolt
  • TurboSMTP
  • SMTP2Go
  • AuthSMTP
  • SMTPProvider
  • JangoSMTP
  • mailget-bolt

Testing email function

This feature will allow you to test by yourself if the current email setting is work properly or not. Keep in mind, the final desire of every sender is the newsletter can reach out the right destination, to their mail box, not spam box.

mageplaza smtp test mode

Take advantage of running testing, visual examination can be performed as you can have general looking back at the intended email again.

Sent-email logs

You will be provided with a vital intelligent block which keeps all sent email logs, permits user to check back who/how they had been sent. Also by cooperation with the running self-test email feature, users will be able to find out the exact mistake when they check the detailed logs, and things would become easier if you could find out the bad apple in process and fix the detected error.

magento 2 smtp email log

Detailed sent email log can be cleared after a certain duration, feel free to set the suitable amount of time for cleaning automatically or you can do this manually after having checked.

Developer mode

This useful mode is quite easy to get the main point and to be done. Developer can take the control to send emails to receiver or not.

Full feature list

  • Magento 2 SMTP full feature list
  • Support 20+ SMTP email service providers
  • Testing email mode
  • Check back email displaying by customer view’s
  • Archive sent emails in log
  • Schedule log cleaner
  • Customizable SMTP server
  • Secure Magento 2 SMTP authentication and coherence
  • Decrease the maximum risk email go to Spam box
  • Auto filling Host, Port, Authentication and Protocol after choosing SMTP Provider
  • Supplying three kinds of Protocol: None, SSL and TLS
  • Developer mode

Other features of SMTP extension

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Life-time Support.
  • Life-time Upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.
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