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Springbot’s all-in-one marketing platform provides robust marketing automation and analytics for email, social, retargeting, and more.


SPRINGBOT for Magento 2

Springbot streamlines the process of automating, analyzing, and personalizing your store's marketing campaigns through an all-in-one platform and data-driven marketing recommendations. Once you connect your marketing tools like MailChimp, AdRoll, facebook, Instagram, and more to the platform, you can begin to take marketing actions directly from Springbot. This means sending trackable email campaigns, setting up automated triggered emails, optimizing your retargeting ads, scheduling social social posts, determining which channels are driving sales, calculating the ROI of your marketing, and more in a single location.

Springbot is a subscription based service with packages starting at $299/month. A seperate account is required. and includes features like Automated Triggered Emails, Social Hub, AdRoll Retargeting, and more. Visit our pricing page for more information.


How Does Springbot Work?

Getting started with Springbot is ridiculously simple, and we do all the heavy lifting. Connect your store to Springbot with a one-click installation, and our in-house experts begin syncing your store with enhanced demographic data to give you deeper customer insights like age, gender, income, marital status, and more.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will show you how to integrate all of your favorite tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AdRoll, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to your Springbot Dashboard so you can perform and analyze your marketing actions all in one place.

Now you're ready to use the platform to send segmented emails for more targeted messages, build automated triggered emails based on customer behavior, review product and channel reports to quickly determine ROI, attribute revenue to specific marketing actions, optimize your retargeting campaigns across the web and social, and more.

Don't have time to sift through your analytics reports to determine ROI and and identify opportunities for improvement? Our Nightly and Weekly emails are sent straight to your inbox as an easy-to-read digest of how your marketing is performing. We're also here to take the guesswork out of marketing strategy by giving you data-driven marketing recommendations based on key focal points like SEO, triggered emails, and social media.




Triggered Emails 

Set up one-and-done automation rules based on customer interactions to generate revenue from shoppers when they interact with your site. You can create, automatically send, and track the performance and revenue data for your triggered emails which include:

  • Abandoned Cart Emails - Encourage shoppers to return to your site to purchase items left in their cart.
  • Welcome Emails - Make a great first impression by welcoming new customers to your store family.
  • After-Purchase Emails - Encourage reviews and repeat business after purchases with timely messages 
  • Anniversary Emails - Send this email annually to customers one year after their first purchase to encourage loyalty 
  • Win-Back Emails - Entice customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while to return to your store 
  • Behavioral Triggers - Target shoppers who haven’t opened previous emails with a custom message 

Advanced Retargeting Insights 

Run dynamic and static ads on the web, mobile, Facebook, and Instagram through your Springbot dashboard with the included AdRoll credit, and gain a deeper understanding of which ads are directly leading to sales with your Springbot’s AdRoll analytics.


Customer Segments 

Get to know your customer base with our pre-built customer segments -- including insights like gender, age, household information, location, and much more.

Custom Segments 

Create your own customized customer segments to implement highly personalized marketing campaigns that fit the needs of your marketing campaigns.

RFM Segments 

Ever wonder who your best customers are? Or which customers might be at risk for leaving? RFM segments lets you know who these key groups are, and more importantly, target them with specific messaging and offers.

Trackable Emails 

Instead of sending email blasts to all of your customers, use your Springbot Customer Segments to personalize your email marketing (which leads to higher conversion rates!).


Social Hub 

Gain more control over the content, timing, and reporting of every action you take across your social channels. Social Hub includes:

  • Mobile Access - Post to social on the go and even access your reporting. 
  • Social Recommendations - Use our Idea Hub for recommendations and templates for what to post and when. 
  • Powerful Analytics - Find out how each social channel is performing, and drill down deeper to determine conversions, ROI, and more. 
  • Calendar - Quickly schedule all of your social posts from Springbot for the day, week, or month and get recommendations for content to post based on your store’s data. 

Shoppable Instagram 

Easily transform your Instagram account into a social storefront that drives social engagement and sales. Create a shoppable landing page to add to your profile’s bio section with your images and featured products to reduce the amount of steps to checkout from Instagram.

Trackable Links 

View the performance of links you share through email, social, web, mobile, blogs and more by creating trackable links from your Springbot dashboard. We’ll also automatically make all links trackable in the email campaigns and social posts you create through Springbot.


Revenue and ROI Tracking 

View exactly how much traffic, conversions, and revenue are generated from your marketing campaigns and the marketing actions you take. 

Product Conversion Reports 

Track the performance of every product in your store’s catalog based on views, sales, abandoned carts, conversions and more.

Marketing Channel Reports 

See how each marketing channel (email, social, online, retargeting, etc.) is performing in real-time.

Promo Codes 

Promo Code feature removes the manual process of pulling coupon code data and calculating the value of each promo code. Merchants can generate a Promo Codes report to monitor and track the performance of codes using five key metrics: total revenue, orders generated, cost to marketers, average order value, and return on investment. 

Unique Coupon Codes 

Take your discount strategy one step further by adding and tracking unique coupon codes through Springbot. Upload a list of bulk discount codes generated in the backend of your store and we’ll pull a Unique Coupon Code into each of the triggered emails you choose.


Amazon Essential 

With Amazon Essential by Springbot, you can list, sell, and track your products on Amazon using real-time inventory and shipping information.

Match, Publish, & Optimize 

Within your Springbot Dashboard, choose the products you want to sell on Amazon and quickly match them to existing listings on Amazon to save time on listing creation. Review and edit your listed Amazon products with reports on total orders, total revenue, total units sold and the status of the winning “Amazon Buy Now” products. 

Order & Ship Sync 

Springbot will auto sync your Amazon inventory with your store’s inventory for streamlined logistics. Following the purchase, shipping and tracking information is automatically synced with Amazon to keep consumers abreast on the status of their orders.

Marketing Recommendations 

Our dashboard addresses many eCommerce problem areas you might be facing by integrating your marketing channels directly into our platform, leveraging your data in real-time, and monitoring marketing actions. 

It then probes your data (customer, product, purchase, social, etc) for hidden insights so the springbots (your very own army of marketing robots) can help you understand not just the revenue generated but actually who purchased and what they purchased so we can automate the recommendations of what marketing actions you should take next.

Service and Support from Springbot

  • Plug-in activation
  • Onboarding and training
  • Daily activity reports
  • Continued support


Overall Benefits:

  • Integrates all of your multichannel marketing tools into a single dashboard
  • Automate marketing actions through triggered emails, scheduled social postings, and more
  • Understand the ROI of your marketing through customer demographics, purchase behavior, and marketing channel revenue attribution
  • Receive tailored marketing recommendations from the springbots on SEO, email optimization, social media, and other areas of your marketing strategy
  • Schedule 5 types of triggered emails to automatically send to customers and generate revenue, and add Springbot's Unique Coupon Codes to encourage more sales

Ready to see Springbot in action? Schedule a 30 minute demo with our eCommerce experts here!

For installation documentation, please visit the Springbot Install Documentationpage. 

Release Notes


  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Compatible with EE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Bug fixes for syncing
    Performance Improvements


  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Added new API endpoints for faster syncing
    - User login in admin dashboard to authenticate Magento to Springbot
    - Abandoned cart reconstitution

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