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Improve sales with the Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento 2. Create fixed promo sets as A + B + C = $X and apply various bundle discounts. Combine different products with custom options or color swatches, place promosets everywhere on your site and motivate customers to buy more.

Grouped Promotions for Magento® 2 (v1.0.2)

Improve sales with the Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento 2. Create fixed promo sets as A + B + C = $X and apply various bundle discounts. Combine different products with custom options or color swatches, place promosets everywhere on your site and motivate customers to buy more.


  • Create inseparable promo sets with fixed quantities
  • Apply various price calculation methods:
  • Manual Discounts for Associated Products
  • Discount for the Entire Promoset
  • Fixed Price for the Entire Promoset
  • Show promosets on product pages, shopping cart, CMS pages or static blocks
  • Combine configurable, bundle, virtual, or simple products with or without custom options
  • Manage promotions per store view
  • Manage promotions per customer group
  • Set time limitations to promosets
  • Apply Mass-actions
  • Use the same promotion rules for multiple products
  • Detailed price calculation on Frontend
  • Responsive design for tablets and mobile devices

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The Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento 2 allows to create advanced special offers for your potential consumers at better prices and place the promotion blocks anywhere on your website. You can combine different types of products into fixed packages and apply a bundle discount. All promosets can be shown on the product pages, the Home page, CMS pages, static blocks and the shopping cart.

Need to sell your old collections of shoes? Or want to make customers put more products in the cart? Apply different discount rules to promosets and let customers see how much money they save by providing the detailed price calculation on Frontend.

Apply Various Price Calculation Methods

You can change and apply different discount methods by entering discounts manually, setting fixed or percentage discounts or fixed final prices for the whole promosets. Customers won't be able to break the promoset or remove products from it. Vary discount offers and allow users to choose the most profitable sets.

Manual Discounts for Associated Products

You can set percentage or fixed discounts for each product separately in the promoset. The method allows to sell several products for free or apply different discounts per product to make your offers even more profitable.


Discount for the Entire Promoset

You can apply percentage or fixed discounts to the whole set of products. The method saves plenty of time especially if you need to create a 50% OFF offer.


Fixed Price for the Entire Promoset

You can apply the fixed price to the whole set. The method calculates the discount automatically on frontend as the final price is specified in backend. If your products have paid custom options the fixed promoset price won't change.


Show Promosets Everywhere on your Website

After the promoset is created the promotion block will be shown automatically on the product pages related to that promoset. You can also insert the promoset into the Homepage or your special promotion page.

The extension allows to add the promotion blocks to CMS pages, static blocks and shopping cart. After a single product from promoset is added to the cart the extension will offer the entire promoset on cart. You can provide customers with more profitable product sets before users go to checkout.

Combine Different Products With Custom Options

If your products have custom options or color swatches they will be displayed directly on the promoset. The customer will be able to configure products before adding the whole set to cart. The extension supports configurable, bundle, virtual and simple products with or without custom options. If you want to offer products with paid custom options the final discount will be calculated based on the selected options.

Manage Promotions per Customer Group and per Store View

If you are running multiple store views the extension helps to create, translate and manage promosets for your French, German or other stores. Just switch to the necessary store view, create a promoset and save the settings. If you need to limit access to the wholesale customer group during the holiday you can grant special access to customer groups as well as set the time limitation.

Set Time Limitation to Promosets and Apply Mass-actions

Create special offers for the Christmas or Black Friday events setting the time limitation. You no longer need to manage each promoset manually. Save your time and set the start and end dates of your offers for special events.

You can also use the mass actions tool and enable, disable or delete necessary promosets. Such functionality will allow you to configure dozens and hundreds of promosets in a few clicks.

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