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Open your website to interesting content and increase customer retention with Free Blog extension for Magento 2. You can add exciting posts on latest news updates, Instructional articles, Roundup posts and other forms of content to engage your users and keep them updated with interesting information. You can add comment section through Disques Comments, run it on Multi-Websites and Multi-Languages, introduce search widget and use SEO friendly permalinks to get maximum exposure towards your blogs. Free Blog also allows you to import posts from existing blogs.


AWESOME BLOG for Magento 2

The Magefan Awesome Blog extension allows you to add a blog section to your online shop. You shouldn’t additionally install WordPress with this extension in order to have a blog. All blog data is stored in the Magento 2 database and can be managed directly via the Magento 2 admin panel.

Use the best SEO practices to enrich your store content with our blog module. Create and manage blog posts, categories, tags, authors, assign related posts and products fast and easily.


Blog Posts

Create new posts easily using the WYSIWYG editor, customize them by attaching images, set meta & open graph data. Now you can also specify the date of your post, which is handy when you need your new article to be posted on the specific date.

Blog Categories

Our blog extension supports the multi-level category tree. You can assign your posts to several categories and view the list of blog posts by categories. You can also add category descriptions in order to expand the content of a category page on the storefront.

SEO Friendly Permalinks

All blog pages have Friendly Permalinks which improve the Search Engine Optimization. Permalinks are generated automatically while creating a category or a post. You can also configure them manually or change any time you need. The blog extension allows to customize Permalinks structure easily and you will be surprised how flexible is the URL structure  for changing on the blog.

Blog Tags

Besides assigning posts to categories, you can also set tags for them as well as view a list of blog posts by tags. Also the tag cloud will be displayed for users in the sidebar menu.

Blog Archive

The blog posts’ history is grouped by months and displayed for users. They will be able to view all the articles easily by a selected month.

Blog Search

Customers will be able to find an appropriate blog post fast and easily by using a search form at your website.


Assign an author to each post so that users could see who has written an article, as well as search by a particular author. This feature is really useful for stores which have several different authors. 

Lazy Load (Infinite Scroll)

Besides the standard pagination, “lazy load” will be available on the list of blog posts. There is no more need to press the buttons or links to go to the next page. More articles will be loaded automatically and displayed when a user scroll till the end of the page. The feature can be enabled and configured easily in the Admin Panel of your Magento.

Posts Comments

“Comments” functionality is also available in our extension. You can allow your readers to share their thoughts and comments using Disqus Comments. Facebook or Google Comments are also integrated in our Blog Extension. 

Related Blog Posts and Products

You can activate related posts or products for each post in your blog. This functionality allows you to increase page views as well as cut down the bounce rate. Assigned posts will be displayed on the current blog post page, and the blog posts will be also displayed on the product page accordingly.

Multi Website & Multi Language Support

If you use one Magento instance to manage multiple Magento websites, you can definitely use our Blog Extension. It supports multi-stores flawlessly as well as multi-languages functionality. Moreover, along with the English localization other languages are available out of the box: French, Dutch, Ukrainian, Romanian and Chinese. You can also easily translate the blog into the required language, if it is not available on the list.

Social Shares

Users can easily share the blog posts with their friends via various social networks or send by an email. This feature lets you involve new users and boost page views, along with creating backlinks on your website.

Sitemap XML & RSS

Of course, our Blog Extension allows you to have the key things any blog can function without: the XML sitemap and the RSS feed.


If you have good programming skills and can develop different apps, you can use the Blog REST API in order to manage your blog directly from your application.

Blog Import From WordPress or AW Blog Extension for M1

If you used any WordPress or AheadWorks modules to manage your website blog earlier, you can import all the blog posts and categories into the Magefan Blog Extension in a few clicks.

Compatible with Custom Third-Party Modules

You can easily setup and configure our Blog Extension even if you use a custom theme at your Magento store. The extension is also fully compatible with the Smartwave Porto Theme out of the box.

It's Free and 100% Open Source

We know it’s insensible to offer our the splendid solution for free, however what you wouldn’t do for a community to make it better and happier?

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